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With vast experience directing choirs, Mark exceeds at taking ensembles to the next level.

Together with practical tips and techniques, in conjunction with effective artistic decision making and leadership, Mark has a unique ability to craft a choir in such a way they achieve the unimaginable.

Building a sense of belonging, developing musicianship and cultivating performance dexterity are among some of Mark’s key attributes which he brings not only to ACM Gospel Choir, but to all choirs he directs. These qualities, together with refining rehearsal methods and providing exciting yet challenging repertoire has seen Mark work with numerous ensembles such as Zo! Gospel Choir (Holland) Shannon Gospel Choir (Ireland), Let’s Gospel (Switzerland) and Mzanzi Choir (South Africa).

Mark’s first choir venture was a vision for a community where anyone and everyone was welcome and could be brought together to form lasting connections through a love of singing. Singology was formed in 2003 and the choir has continued to grow ever since, with nine branches currently running across London.

To get involved in a Singology Choir and book a free taster session follow this link!

We all have something inside of us which we need to express, doing this with others through song can build lifelong connections.