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Mark’s workshops have one aim - to improve confidence, teamwork, self-awareness, and motivation, but more importantly to have fun!

Delivering to wide range of professionals, from senior corporate management boards, to shop floor assistants and administration officers, a workshop with Mark guarantees to be energising and captivating for all involved. Working with an array of employees from companies such as Bacardi, Allianz Insurance, Barclays, Sainsburys and McLaren, his ambition is to bring people together and help to instil a culture of encouragement, celebration, wellbeing and gratification.

From Headteachers to primary, secondary and special school pupils, Mark delivers at educational institutions around the world, including Kent, Lincolnshire, Leeds and Essex Music Education Hubs, Queensland Conservatorium (Australia) and Progressive School of Music (Jersey), where he aims to connect with students and teachers alike through his love of singing and performing.

Working with organisations such as Griffith University (Australia), The Music Academy 2000 (Italy) and The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology (London), Mark’s supportive yet challenging delivery methods, coupled with his honest, reassuring and personable nature, allows participants to be taken outside their comfort zones, and achieve new, unimagined things.

If you are lucky enough to experience a workshop with Mark, his passion and joy for music, and life itself will leave you wanting more!

In this life we were born with the innate ability to create long sustained tones, when we come out of the womb, we are not given the ability to articulate word. Singing is natural to us all!